RiversideTLS provides corporations nationwide with technology lifecycle solutions ranging from the datacenter to the desktop, such as servers, storage, network devices, as well as, local area network gear such as phone systems, computers, monitors, printers and cell phones. RiversideTLS has put millions of dollars back into our client’s IT budgets through purchasing or consigning IT equipment. By leveraging our relationships, RiversideTLS maximizes the resale value of your surplus equipment for all major manufacturers. 

At RiversideTLS, we pride ourselves on helping large organizations with a secure and seamless process for re-purposing their surplus decommissioned IT assets returning maximum value while providing a full range of IT asset liquidation services, nationwide onsite packing/secure logistics, onsite data erasure/destruction, and e-cycling services in a safe and fully complaint manner.  


Riverside TLS


RiversideTLS works with large corporations throughout the nation offering an alternative to recyclers’ or manufacturers’ buy-back programs. Our services increase bottom lines by adding real dollars back into IT budgets while reducing the risk and complexity associated with securely disposing of surplus IT equipment according with local, state, and Federal laws.

About us

Since 1993 RiversideTLS, headquartered outside of Atlanta Georgia, has maintained a keen focus on reducing the risk and complexity associated with securely repurposing and green disposal of surplus IT equipment. RiversideTLS specializes in purchasing current generation equipment and certified recycling of antiquated assets at no charge. RiversideTLS maintains a 100% zero landfill policy and complies with all EPA disposal and e-waste guidelines.


RiversideTLS upholds the security and integrity of our client’s data at all times while complying with all local, state and federal laws and current Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology standards for safe and secure data erasure/destruction. To give our clients additional piece of mind, RiversideTLS holds a multi-million dollar professional and cyberspace liability, as well as, general liability insurance policies, chain of custody is fully documented and every measure is taken to ensure our clients data is handled professionally at all times.

Maximize your IT Budget

The evolution of more efficient and more powerful technology creates exciting opportunities for corporations. Emerging trends such as cloud computing, virtualization and e-mobility are changing the way we do business. Taking advantage of the possibilities and staying ahead of the competition means keeping up with the latest technology. Constant upgrades are inevitable and so are the challenges faced during the process. 


Your IT budget is strained from the acquisition cost of new technology and upgrades? Your IT staff is working hard to realize the full potential of these new resources? Is there room in the budget or man-power during the busy week for de-commissioning, cataloging and securely disposing of the surplus gear? You may be able to find a re-marketer to purchase only the high-end equipment, but you may still worry about data security and illegal resale? You may find a cut rate recycler to take what's left, but how do you know that your equipment doesn't end up in a landfill, or worse? While trying to answer these questions the gear is piling up in store rooms and quickly depreciating in value. 

Our Process

If your company has moved, merged, downsized, upgraded, consolidated, or if you’re just seeking to dispose of some surplus or obsolete IT hardware, RiversideTLS will provide a personalized solutions to meet your unique situation demands.

Audit and Valuation

The key to transforming the disposition of surplus IT equipment from an expense to a revenue stream is the careful evaluation of your inventory and accurate assessment of the value of the equipment down to the component level.  Our skilled Procurement Managers are adept at evaluating the highest possible market value of each component and will provide a bid including all pertinent data.

RiversideTLS' dedicated Account Managers help determine any unique requirements associated with the IT lifecycle management process. Our professionals will assist you and address any questions that you may have regarding our process. Our goal is to complete a seamless bridge between your requirements and our services and solutions.
Onsite Services

A member of the RiversideTLS team can securely pack and palletize your decommissioned assets verifying them on a Bill of Lading, eliminating the need for our client's IT team to manage these processes. We will even bring our data erasure/data destruction equipment onsite to our client’s facility perform onsite procedures and issue the appropriate certifications, should each business deem it necessary. RiversideTLS will analyze your unique IT lifecycle requirements and customize a plan tailored to each circumstance. Our goal is to make the IT disposition process as seamless as possible for our clients.

Reporting & Manifests

RiversideTLS itemizes each asset received at our facility into a full manifest reporting; make, model number, serial number, and other pertinent data for your auditing purposes. We produce a final manifest or monthly sales reports for our consignment customers. Certificates of Erasure for all hard drives slated for resale are provided and Certificates of Destruction are provided for legal and compliance purposes. The transfer of custody is documented efficiently and the resulting log is subsequently made available to our clients.

Purchasing Agreement

Every client faces unique and changing circumstances in regard to their asset disposition needs. RiversideTLS provides several options to offer the most profitable solution. 

Remarket: After evaluating your needs and decommissioned inventory, we offer two customized buyback options:

Under the Straight Purchase option using a Purchase Order and a Release of Claims agreement, RiversideTLS arrives at our offered price from an inventory list provided by our clients which includes the memory, processors, and power supplies installed in your surplus machines. Our offered price will include the inbound freight, data erasure (issuing serialized Certificates of Erasure) on all hard drives and destruction/recycling understanding that any components (for example: hard drives, memory DIMMs, processors, power supplies, modules) that failed testing would to be destroyed/recycled (issuing serialized Certificates of Destruction).  The inbound freight to bring the equipment (cabinets or pallets) would be included in our offered price which would be paid Net 1 on audit/testing via wire transfer or check.

Under the Consignment/Shared Revenue option using a consignment agreement, RiversideTLS would not require an inventory list with configurations prior to pick up but rather simply the total number of pallets or cabinets with estimated weights and dimensions to schedule pickups. RiversideTLS will share profits, exclusive of the inbound freight to bring the equipment (cabinets or pallets) into our facility, reconditioning/repair of equipment, and data erasure. Again, we will perform the data erasure (issuing serialized Certificates of Erasure) on all hard drives and destruction/recycling (issuing serialized Certificates of Destruction). Payments would be made 30 days after the completion of the sale of the consigned inventory via wire transfer or check.

Lease Return Services: If an asset is determined to be under a current lease upon audit, RiversideTLS will ensure that your asset tags and identifying markers are removed, the drives are erased and proper certification issued, the equipment is brought back to a satisfactory quality level to eliminate chargeback’s, and shipped back on your behalf. 


At RiversideTLS, we are committed to a 100% Zero Landfill Policy and make adhering to EPA and other environmental standards simple for our clients. We provide any level of auditing required for your recycling needs, including serialization at the component level. We offer on-site destruction/erasure of hard drives and visual verification of electronic recycling through our shredding system. RiversideTLS provides Certificates of Destruction to ensure that your company is in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. This document provides proof that your organization has properly eCycled your electronic equipment though our authorized recycling center eliminating your legal liability.

Data Erasure & Certifications

RiversideTLS knows that data security is the most important aspect of the buyback/recycling process and we treat it that way. Our client’s hard drives are properly wiped according to Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. All drives that fail the data erasure process will be shredded and under either method appropriate serialized certificates will be issued, as well as, all asset tags removed prior to destruction or re-assignment. Riverside takes full responsibility for the equipment at our clients dock and remains in chain of custody. Upon arrival at our facility, we erase all drives according to Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22M) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards where serialized certifications are issued. Once the drives are erased, the equipment is audited/tested and asset tags and other identifiable marks removed under either the straight purchase option or the consignment options


RiversideTLS takes full responsibility for your equipment at the dock and remains in chain of custody during transit and covers the cost of inbound freight to ship the cabinets or pallets to our facility. We can even ship out packing supplies in advance and provide nationwide onsite packing and palletizing, if necessary.

Our Services

Having a proven process in place is imperative in managing assets and costs through migration periods. By partnering with RiversideTLS, our clients save time and the un-necessary expense in storage fees of old equipment, increased work space, increased security, minimized cost of ownership and maximized return on investment.




Asset Valuation

The key to understanding and managing the residual value of your IT assets is an intimate knowledge of all the major manufacturers' product lines and the secondary market. RiversideTLS has the expertise to provide full evaluation of your asset portfolio, including current market and forecasted values. Armed with this knowledge, our clients can make proactive choices regarding cost improvement refreshes and upgrades. RiversideTLS keeps our clients abreast of market condition changes that impact the value of your portfolio and makes recommendations to help maximize our clients return on investment.

Physical Component Level Audit
Upon arrival at our facility each asset goes through comprehensive component level auditing and testing. RiversideTLS captures serial and part numbers, asset tags, asset type and cosmetic grade, as well as, testing results. This data is compiled into a manifest and made available to each individual client.
Pack and Palletize

While focusing on acquiring and implementing technology upgrades, many IT departments do not have the allocated funds or man-power available for the disposition of decommissioned equipment. RiversideTLS can ship out packing supplies in advance and provide nationwide onsite crews to packing and palletizing, if necessary. By maximizing the resale of de-installed assets, our clients receive funds back into their budgets while RiversideTLS handles the responsible disposition of antiquated gear and our onsite technicians can take care secure packaging prior to transporting the equipment back to our facility.

Client Identity Removal

For added security, all asset tags and other identifying marks are removed during the auditing and testing phase with removal confirmed post audit.

Re-deploy/Reverse Logistics

Dealing with large corporations who have multiple national locations, our clients often aren't aware of precisely what equipment they have at any particular location, so the RiversideTLS manifest becomes a vital document. When faced with upgrades, the misconceived common solution is to ship all of the surplus equipment to headquarters where huge freight bills are incurred and the assets sit around until IT teams can assess whether items should be resold, redeployed or recycled. Our streamlined solution means all our clients de-commissioned gear can be shipped directly to our facility from anywhere in the country and RiversideTLS pays the inbound freight. A member of the RiversideTLS team will immediately produce a full manifest including make, model, serial number, configuration, and cosmetic grade for everything received into our facility, so that you can chose the appropriate action.

Lease Return

Our disposition services are not limited to equipment that our client’s own outright. As your IT lifecycle partner, RiversideTLS wants to make sure your IT dollars are maximized on leased gear as well. Through our comprehensive Lease Return Program we will track when equipment is due to come off lease, remove asset tags, perform data erasure on all hard drives and refurbish/repair if necessary to eliminate charge backs and ship equipment back on behalf of our clients.

Data Erasure & Certifications

The security of data contained on hard drives and media received into our facility is our highest priority. RiversideTLS performs data erasure on all hard drives slated for resale according to DoD5220.22-M standards and NIST Published 800-88 providing our clients with Certificates of Erasure by serial number. Drives that do not retain resale value or fail the erasure process are physically destroyed by shredding, and issued a Certificate of Destruction. By complying with the highest industry standards in data erasure and drive shredding we ensure our clients avoid facing local, state and federal violations, such as HIPAA and FACTA. RiversideTLS can also provide onsite data destruction and/or erasure at our clients facility to eliminate any risk of data leakage. Either option provides a framework compliant with all current data security regulations.

Component Harvesting

When assets fail testing or market conditions determine no re-sale for a particular piece of equipment that doesn't mean there is no residual value. At RiversideTLS, we specialize in maximizing the return on every IT dollar by harvesting down to the component level. Working components are tested then packaged for resale or integrated into a refurbished whole unit to return the most capital. Components found to have no resale value are further de-manufactured, broken down to sub-components, to maximize scrap value. Non-working components are sorted by commodities like metals, plastics, glass, circuit boards and cables, and delivered to be re-manufactured.


RiversideTLS offers full service electronic recycling, "eCycling" services for equipment or components that no longer retain re-sale or value. Making good on our 100% Zero Landfill Policy, Riverside TLS works closely with our downstream partners to ensure that all components and materials are processed responsibly and re-used, so that hazardous materials stay out of the environment. Our methods are carefully designed to make "eCycling" safe for our clients and the environment.


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